Best of Mite Yine in World Lethwei Championship (video)

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Mite Yine is one of the most iconic lethwei fighters, who has the most bouts in the history of World Lethwei Championship to date. Out of five fights in total, one of them was the main event.

Yine initially competed at lightweight before settling into featherweight, where he feels the most comfortable. He is always electric, putting on an exciting performance.

Mite Yine vs Pha Kyaw Hae

Mite Yine made his World Lethwei Championship debut on 4 November 2017 at WLC: Legendary Champions, where he took on WBC Asia boxing champion Pha Kyaw Hae.

As soon as the bell rang, Yine and Hae exchanged various beautiful kicks. The turning point came when the headbutt of Yine cut Hae’s left eyebrow during the first round, and the latter had to see the ringside physician. After that Yine was relentless, but Hae didn’t give up easily and continued trading strikes.

In the second round, the fight was more intense with both athletes picking up the pace. Hae tried to hurt Yine with his knockout weapon – left hook and elbows, but Yine kept going forward with the combo of roundhouse kicks, punches and knees.

At the half of the second round, Yine’s knee knocked Hae down and the referee counted him for the first time. Despite Hae’s resistance, Yine’s jumping knees and body kicks were so powerful that he got knocked down two more times and was counted out near the end of round two, giving Yine a KO victory in his debut.

Mite Yine vs Morn Samet

In his fourth time competing in World Lethwei Championship Mite Yine headlined WLC: Karen Spirit. He faced Morn Samet – a well-respected khmer competitor.

It was a balanced battle to start, with both strikers landing impressive blows in the first round. In the second round, Samet tried to knock Yine out with his powerful head kicks and elbows, but Yine dodged them beautifully and set him up with body punches following the head kick.

Yine’s technical approach worked well and he started to dominate the fight. In the later rounds, Yine kept pressuring the Cambodian with his precise strikes, but Samet managed to trade and counter with his takedowns and knees.

However, at the end of the final round, Yine earned a win by split decision in a bout, that was equally matched. it was an impressive showing for both athletes.

Mite Yine vs Nguyen Thanh Trung

This was the latest Mite Yine fight in the promotion, when he faced Vietnam sensation Nguyen Thanh Trung at WLC: Fearless Tigers last October. In the first round one of Yine’s headbutts landed on Trung’s right cheek and he needed to see the doctor.

In the second round, Yine kept moving forward and was outstriking tough and determined Trung, who was hanging in there and returned a few strikes of his own.

In the third round, Trung had to see the doctor for the second time, but refused to give up, returning to action much to the appreciation of the 5,000 fans in attendance. After 5 rounds of action, Yine took the win by unanimous decision.

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